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About me

To those who wants to read my fanfic please visit paradise103. And to see my Graphics, please visit heartshell

Real Name: Aisha
Japanese Name: Aiko (愛子)
Korean Name: Eunae (은애)
Born: 091092

Korean Fandom: DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang, FT Island, Shinee, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, SS501, SG Wannabe, 2PM, 2AM, U-Kiss, Chae Yeon, The Grace, Rain and a lot more

Japanese Fandom: All Johnnys Entertainment, Exile, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru, Hamasaki Ayumi, and a lot more.

She's the type: I'm the type that will learn to like things, tell me a band or shows, and she'll look though at them, and done, she'll like it, friendly, but can be very moody too, very easy going.

She hate: I'm not sure what I hate anymore, I used to hate smokers a lot, but now, I think I'm used to it, since my dad always smoke in front of us.

Hobbies: Reading and writing fanfics, play around with photoshop.

Stamped as: Who is it?


Park Yoochun is my Soulmate.

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Profile Layout: aiko103
Moodetheme: thievingxbird
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